June 20th is

World Refugee Day

And, All of June is Pride Month

How can I learn more?


Rainbow Refugee

Rainbow Refugee, a dedicated group of volunteers and activists committed to LGBTI refugees, provide Andre with a new home in a welcoming community.



Thalía Ramírez is the first transgender woman to receive refugee status in Costa Rica

“This year the United Nations started to count the number of refugee cases of people from the LGBT community. So far they have registered 16.”



Forgotten twice: the untold story of LGBT refugees

“According to UKLGIG and Stonewall, LGBT asylum seekers held in immigration centres across the UK have experienced abuse both from other asylum seekers and from staff members who “fail to protect them from abuse, often lack basic understanding of LGBT issues, and even display discriminatory attitudes” towards LGBT asylum seekers.”

Read the full World Economic Forum Report Here.


Chechnya's LGBT Muslim Refugees Struggle To Cope In Exile

“Abdul Kadr is not his real name. He chose it for himself as protection from what he calls “the long arm of the Chechen secret police,” which he fears will reach him even in the Netherlands, where he sought asylum early last year. A recent Human Rights Watch report suggests Chechen authorities are able to track down gay Chechens seeking asylum in Europe.” Listen to the full podcast here.



Last Chance: LGBT Refugees Seeking Asylum

Stream this film directly from the site here.

This documentary film is also available for those using Kanopy


LGBT asylum seekers face hurdles seeking "dream life" in Ireland

“Ireland this month formally elected its first openly gay prime minister or Taoiseach. But the asylum seekers find their bids to build new lives in Ireland keep hitting obstacles, getting bogged down in a slow, laborious system that has been criticised both domestically and internationally with proposed changes slow to take effect.”



LGBTQ New Americans Oral History Project - 2017 Highlight Reel

“The “LGBTQ New Americans” project is designed to document and share the stories and experiences of LGBTQ immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Brooklyn and New York. Since inception, immigrants have shaped our city and nation. In recent decades, we have seen an increase in immigrants and refugees who identify as LGBTQ, and their unique life stories are being woven into the fabric of our city and country. Given the tension and heated rhetoric surrounding current debates on immigration issues, it is crucial to provide a genuine platform for individuals to tell their stories and help people understand the human beings behind these complex and often abstract policy issues.”


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Learn the Essential Terminology for the Humanitarian Sector and help translate them into additional languages.


Raise Awareness of the many stories of LGBTQ+ refugees around the world. 


Via Rainbow Railroads:


Groups can work together to sponsor a case through the Canadian Government’s Group of Five program. Group members agree to raise enough funds to cover the average cost of supporting a refugee in their first year in Canada, which is a minimum of$12,000. Rainbow Railroad provides support through the application process and resources in helping to integrate the LGBTQI refugee into life in Canada. If you are interested in starting or joining a group please send an email to info@rainbowrailroad.com