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Look What PD Made You Do

Networked flickr photo by nrg_crisis shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license Why invest time in

Blogger’s Block: A quick remedy

generator.x show flickr photo by jared shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license What can nine

Intentional Introversion

quiet flickr photo by hoodoo youdo shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license A little Quiet

Portfolios for Geographers: Mapping out the Mindset

What is the potential for portfolios in a geographer’s world? Let’s look at samples of Geographers

Curate better questions: construct stronger communities

Why has the portfolio persisted as a powerful tool in today’s classroom? Teachers and students have

A Checklist for Bloggers

Ready for five steps to better blogging? ONE: From the top Make sure you have an

Sowing ideas one post at a time

How can we use blogs as fertile fields for ideation? I do believe that my thinking

Curiosity Saves.

  A few weeks ago I asked my fantastic grade 9 class to give me a

Our Collective Imagination

@johndalesio I believe in you, John. If anyone has something to say, it’s you. — Valerie

Dividends on an Investment.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy

Where are you?

Schools are talking a lot of talk about digital citizenship.  Leaders are drafting a lot of

Shush myself.

Last week I asked my incredible grade 9 MYP Language and Literature class to provide me

Let’s give them something to blog about.

  This March, join a movement to collaborate and create. If you are willing and interested

If you blogging, blog on it!

“What am I doing that will help me succeed?”- Tasha Eurich   I love how the

Handing over the keys.

Image via Creative Commons, by Mattias Ripp: “Keys to the heart? No only the office” I’ve