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Sustenance or swish?

Part II of the #IBDP Language and Literature course has long held a special spot in

Look What PD Made You Do

Networked flickr photo by nrg_crisis shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license Why invest time in

Flipboard is an IBDP teacher’s BFF

Looking to extend your students (your self and colleagues) collaboratively this year? Flipboard is a great

From fire hydrant to drinking fountain

Welcome to your 2017-2018 Academic Year! I had a(nother) great chat with our Head of PSE,

Blogger’s Block: A quick remedy

generator.x show flickr photo by jared shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license What can nine

Classroom makeover as professional development?

meet our Spacebusters… A few weeks ago, the amazing Maija Ruokanen visited our school. ¬†Here’s a

Owning up to the ownership shift

  How can teachers foster the creativity, entrepreneurialism, and lifelong curiosity necessary for young people to

Making every seat the best seat in the house

how do you want students to feel when they enter your learning space? That was one

Pull the room together

Meet PAULA. You may already have met. She’s given this phenomenal #Learning2 talk as well as

Getting Started With Visual Note-taking?

  Brand new to visual Note-taking? Here are five resources to help you get started: ONE

Portfolios for Geographers: Mapping out the Mindset

What is the potential for portfolios in a geographer’s world? Let’s look at samples of Geographers

Starting conversations about spaces

infowidget¬†“Book Club shirt” Because… I’m extremely lucky to work at an amazing school where the learning

Curate better questions: construct stronger communities

Why has the portfolio persisted as a powerful tool in today’s classroom? Teachers and students have

Get Pronoiad

Is your faculty paranoid or pronoiad? After recently watching Adam Grant’s fantastic TED talk “Are you

Greencasts: Podcasts for Sustainability

Looking for podcasts to help explore issues of sustainability? Here’s a list of great podcasts to