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Just Ask.

#Teacherbookclub just enjoyed its second online chat, featuring the man behind #InnovatorsMindset: George Couros. I’ve long

Individuals and societies

What does teaching individuals and societies have to do with twitter? I had a lunch meeting

That Kindling Moment

In my Learning2 Talk this April, one idea I wanted to share was the notion of

The Bonsai Principle.

  Those familiar with the fine art of bonsai know that when it is potted, it

The Storyteller’s Mindset

This week, I was thrilled to find the original ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book series still

Our Collective Imagination

@johndalesio I believe in you, John. If anyone has something to say, it’s you. — Valerie

Horizons versus boundaries.

It’s been four years since Sonya terBorg published her phenomenal free eBook “Imagine A School”. As

The art of pivoting.

Last night I finished reading The Art of Coaching Teams: Facilitation for School Transformation by Elena

The quest for better questions.

“If you learn how to think, you can take what you’ve learned and adapt it to

Count Up.

As the days draw closer to June, schools slowly begin to prepare for the final week

Get intimidated.

The thing I’ve learned about mentoring over the years is that it’s more about being present

Inquiry: 120 characters at a time.

  Spring is in the air.  Lately I’ve had a number of colleagues ask me to

Creating Harmony Through Dissent.

“The greatest designers are almost always the biggest dreamers and rebels and renegades.”   If you

Learning Lives Here.

Your classroom walls DO talk.  What will they say about the learning experiences you want to

Conversation Catalysts For Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week: Appreciate educators everywhere by making time to talk about the trade.   So,